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Eritrean Army along with ENDF has launched a full-scale War on multiple fronts from Tekeze to Irob: Tigrai Central Command


In a statement this afternoon, Tigrai Central Command says Eritrean forces along with Ethiopian National Defense Forces and Amhara Special Forces as well as Fano Vigilante Group have launched a full-scale war on all fronts from Tekeze to Irob.

The Command stated the Ethiopian National Defense Forces Eastern command and most parts of Northwestern Command three commando divisions, as well as 000s of Amhara Forces and Fano vigilante group, have joined the Eritrean Army in the attack.

The command says the Eritrean Army along with Ethiopian and Amhara Forces has launched these offensives in retaliation to its loss on Tselemti and May Kuhlen front in recent days.

The statement stressed that the joint forces have launched full-scale offensive today morning on the fronts of Zalambessa, Tsorona, Rama, Adi Awala, Hiret, May Kuhli, May Hutsa and Ziban Gedena while saying the main target of the full-scale offensive is in the direction of Adiyabo.” Our forces are as always defending their positions with perseverance and heroism” the statement underscored.

The statement recalled that the Tigrai Defense Forces have neutralized the first round of the joint military campaigns that it says aimed to eliminate the people of Tigrai.