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Eritrea Launches Full-Scale Offensive


Mekelle- Sep. 20 (Tigrai Television)- Member of Tigrai Central Command, Getachew Reda says Eritrean Forces have launched another round of full-scale offensive on all fronts.

Getachew also says heavy fighting is underway in May-Kuhli, Ziban-Gedena, Adi-Awala, Rama, Tseron, and Zalambessa. “Abiy Ahmed’s Eastern command, significant elements of Northwestern command and three commando divisions have also been deployed alongside Eritrean forces. 000s of Amhara special forces, as well as Fano, have also joined the offensive” He writes on Twitter.

Getachew noted that Eritrea has deployed its entire army as well as its reservists while stating that Tigrai Defense Forces are “heroically defending their positions”