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US Special Envoy Urges Withdrawal of “Non-ENDF” Forces as Delegates Travel to Mekelle


During a meeting with Tigray IRA President Getachew Reda, US Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa Ambassador Mike Hammer emphasized the necessity of withdrawing non-ENDF forces from Tigray for the full implementation of the Pretoria agreement.

“We need to continue and stay focused to ensure the withdrawal of non-ENDF forces from Tigray,” Ambassador Mike Hammer said.

Ambassador Mike Hammer, along with US Ambassador to Ethiopia Ervin Massinga, discussed with President Getachew Reda and other cabinet members, including Tsadkan Gebretnsae (Gen.), Vice President of the IRA.

During discussions, Ambassador Mike Hammer appreciated the Tigray administration for its commitment to the implementation of the Pretoria agreement.

“We appreciate the patience and continued political commitment of the interim regional administration to this agreement,” he said.

In an interview with Tigray Television, US Ambassador to Ethiopia Erving Massinga said the discussion focused on the progress in implementing the Pretoria Peace agreement and the humanitarian situation in the region.

“Internally Displaced People are eager to find ways to go home, and that their current situation is unacceptable,” he stated.

“They are in a very difficult situation,” he added.

The delegation also paid a visit to a GBV center in Mekelle to meet the victims of sexual violence in the war on Tigray.

It also had a brief discussion with leadership members of opposition parties in Tigray.

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