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Ethiopia Lifts TPLF Terrorist Designation


Mekelle, March 22, 2023( Tigrai Television)- Ethiopian House of People’s Representatives lifts the terrorist designation of the Tigrai People’s Liberation Front.

In its special session today, the Parliament approved the bill with a majority vote, five abstentions, and 61 against.

This comes days after TPLF nominated its spokesperson Getachew Reda to lead the incoming Interim Regional Administration on Friday.

The removal of TPLF from the list of terrorist groups is one of the key elements of the peace agreement signed between the Ethiopian Federal government and the TPLF. The Federal government should “Facilitate the lifting of the terrorist designation of the TPLF by the House of People’s Representatives” the deal states.

TPLF. which has been leading the region for the past 3 decades, was designated as a terrorist group along with Oromo Liberation Army in May of 2021 after the Federal government waged war on Tigrai on November 4, 2020.

By Abel Tsgabu

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