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Axum awaits Ordination of Episcopates


#Tigray Orthodox Tewahdo Church the See of Selama Kesate Birhan will ordain 10 Episcopates in #Axum on Sunday.

Residents of the town of Axum, a historic city 200 kilometres from the capital #Mekelle, await the ordination of 10 new episcopates that are expected to serve in dioceses in Southern, South-eastern and Western Zones of Tigrai as well as in Northern America, Europe and Australia in abroad.

Four Archbishops in Tigrai, who announced the formation of new & independent structure on May 7, 2022 accusing Ethiopia Orthodox Tewahdo Church for not voicing against genocidal war on Tigrai, have arrived in Axum to attend the ceremony.

@Abeltsgab reports from Axum