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Conference on Post-Conflict Economic Recovery taking place at Planet Hotel Mekelle


June 20,2023 Mekelle (Tigrai Television)
The Conference under the theme Reconstruction and Investment for Sustainable Peace is hosted by Tigrai Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations, USAID, CIPE (Centre for International Private Enterprises and the Ethiopian Ministry of Peace.

In his welcome speech, President of the Tigrai Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations Assefa Gebreslassie noted the war in Tigrai has resulted multifaceted destruction, looting of public and private properties and has claimed the irreplaceable lives of many.
He also stated that Investors have lost many of thier belongings resulting suffer for the needy others too and leaving Tigrai empty-handed at large.

But,says the president, the peace agreemnet has given him a glimmer of hope for the reconstruction of the highly devastated region while calling for the full implementation of the the Pretoria agreemnet assuring his chamber’s committment to play its expected role in the process.He also called for the swift return of IDPs as part of the peace Pact.

In his opening remarks State Minister to the Ethiopian Ministry of Peace Taye Dendea,on his part said the peace agreement is a great measure that many may not understand while disclosing his regret for ” adding fuel during the active fight in one or the other way.”The State Minister calls stakeholders to play thier role in reigniting the frozen commercial and investment sector and leap forward rather than dwelling on yesterday and pointing fingers at one another.

President of Tigrai- IRA Getachew Reda also stated today’s conference is a crucial step to deepen the peace accord.The president of the interim administration underscored what happened in Tigrai is “unprecedented and building infrastructure is not an end by itself to heal the much devastated region”.

He added encouraging results have been shown so far after the peace agreement and calls for correcting flaws so the the peace can never be reversed.
The president called for stakeholders to play thier role in the resurrection of the dead sector and narrow the space for what he named spoilers and make peace be everyone’s language.

Getachew also stated women, children and elderly are highly damaged economically, physically and psychologically and thus much effort is needed to heal thier scar beyond economic activities.
For the dead economy to be lifted the president plead for closed high-ways that link Tigrai to neighbouring Afar and Amhara regions operate fully.

State Minister to the Ethipian Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration Endalew Mekonen, Haddish Halefom, Head of the Office Minister, Ministry of Industry , Alexico Musindo, Director of International Labor Organization Office for Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Special Representative AU /EAC, Former President Debretsion Gebremichael (PhD) and other members of the Tigrai IRA Cabinate are participating in the conference.