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Delay in Salary


TUSA calls for urgent payment of delayed salaries of civil servants in Tigrai

In a statement on late Wednesday, Tigrai University Scholars Association (TUSA) called for urgent release of salaries.

Despite the silencing of guns following the Pretoria agreement, the statement noted that millions in the region are faced with agony to this very day.

TUSA adds the failure in full implementation of the Pretoria peace accord that enabled external Amhara and Eritrean forces to operate in Tigrai’s soil is worsening the living condition of the people under their control and millions are being displaced and suffered as hunger continues.

The association underscored that pensioners and civil servants have not got their payments and institution of socioeconomic activities haven’t yet resumed their expected functions.

The statement also highlights the delay in payment has left many civil servants wander in streets as they couldn’t pay their rent debt stating that many others have died as a result.

Despite the partial resumption of school in Tigrai many parents couldn’t buy school materials for their children and still remain far from school, stated TUSA.

The association also calls for swift return of the displaced people.

TUSA says the war in Tigrai has brought unspeakable sufferings for children, mothers, elders, the nature and infrastructure reiterating that the war has taken Tigrai back to 20 century.