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Eritrean Army Fully Engaged in The War on Tigrai


Mekelle, Sep. 5, 2022 (Tigrai Television)- Getachew Reda, a Member of Tigrai Central Command said that Eritrean Army is fully Engaged in the War on Tigrai.

In Press Conference today, Getachew said Eritrean Army is participating in the war in its entirety while stating the full engagement of the Eritrean Army wouldn’t change anything on the ground.

Conveying a message to the international community, Getachew said allowing the Eritrean government to break the resistance of Tigrai would lead to a complete destabilization of the region.

Speaking about Ethiopian Airlines, Getachew said the Airlines is exchanging its brand of years of achievement to support the genocidal campaign waged on the people of Tigrai and called the act “disgrace to the industry”.

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