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Eritrean forces still on a rampage says Getachew Reda, Member of Tigrai Central Command


Eritrean forces are still on a rampage, killing children and women, destroying and looting properties says Getachew Reda member of Tigrai Central Command. “In MayAbay last week, they summarily executed hundreds of women and children,” he wrote on Twitter this afternoon.

Earlier today, AP came up with a report that the kidnapping and looting continue in Tigrai after the peace deal. Humanitarian workers told the Associated Press that Eritrean and Amhara forces “have looted businesses, private properties, vehicles, and health clinics in Shire”. The report indicated that the continuing presence of Eritrean troops in Tigrai remains a sore point in the ongoing peace process.

Getachew, who led Tigrai negotiating team, asked his counterparts in the Central government to do their part to implement the peace agreement. He said, “it’s our hope and expectation that they discharge their part of the deal”.

Residents of Irob told Tigrai Television this week, that Eritrean forces continue to shell the district in Eastern Tigrai despite the signing of a peace deal some there weeks ago.

Asked about the presence of Eritrean forces on Thursday, AU’s High-representative for the Horn of Africa and former president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo told Tigrai religious leaders that no country should accept the presence of foreign forces on its land.

Getachew finally asked the international community to continue pressuring until “external and non-ENDF” leave Tigrai according to the agreement.

Abel Tsgabu