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Any Attempt to Undermine the Interest of Our People will Obstruct the Peace Process


Mekelle, Nov.22 – Tigrai Television- Any attempt to undermine the interest of our people will obstruct the peace process says Gen. Tadesse Werede Commander-in-Chief of the Tigrayan forces.

In a briefing, this morning, the commander in chief for Tigrai Defense Forces Gen. Tadesse Werede says the only way to ensure sustainable peace is to address the demand of the people of Tigrai. He says “laying down arms on its own will not guarantee sustainable peace”. “The people of Tigrai first take up the arms because there was an attempt to suppress their question by forces” He added.

Asked about the implementation plan he signed in Nairobi, the Commander-in-Chief says the senior commanders of both armies had discussed in good faith and had a good understanding of the heavy costs that were being paid and the uselessness of the war.

General Tadesse says Eritrean forces are killing innocent civilians, destroying public infrastructures, and looting heritages from Tigrai while stating both Eritrean and Amhara forces as possible spoilers of the peace deal. “They joined Tigrai along with the federal government, now it behooves the Ethiopian government to check their withdrawal”

The Commander didn’t hide that building trust for both sides will not be that easy.