Home news Ethnic Cleansing in Western Tigrai continues despite Truce, Human Rights Watch

Ethnic Cleansing in Western Tigrai continues despite Truce, Human Rights Watch


Mekelle, Jun 1,2023 (Tigrai Television)- Human Rights Watch says Amhara forces in Western Tigrai have continued to carry out an ethnic cleansing campaign against ethnic Tigrayans.

In a statement issued earlier today, Human Rights Watch said, since the outbreak of the war in Nov, 2020, Amhara forces have committed war crimes, crime against humanity and ethnic cleansing on Tigrayans residing in Western Tigrai.

It said, it found out that two officials, Col. Demeke Zewdu and Belay Ayalew, who were previously implicated in abuses, “continue to be involved in arbitrary detention, torture, and forced deportations of Tigrayans”.

Laetitia Bader, Deputy African Director at Human Rights Watch said the November Permanent Cessation of Hostilities Agreement signed between Ethiopian Federal government and Tigrian officials didn’t bring an end to the ethnic cleansing of Tigrayans in Western Tigrai.

“If the Ethiopian government is really serious about ensuring justice for abuses, then it should stop opposing independent investigations into the atrocities in Western Tigray and hold abusive officials and commanders to account.” she added.

Human Rights Watch says it has interviewed 35 people through telephone including witnesses, victims of abuses and aid agencies to support its investigation.

Last week sources from Western Tigrai told Tigrai Television that Amhara forces have held thousands of ethnic Tigrayans in detention and that they are using every means, including forced marriage, to bring demographic shift.

By Abel Tsgabu