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Mekelle and Adama sign sisterhood Agreement


The two regional capitals Mekelle and Adama sign sisterhood agreement to work together on various areas.

The agreement includes issues on swift delivery of services, innovation and introduction of new technologies, small scale industries, green environment and other socio economic and cultural affairs.

Agreement has also been reached to protect and assure Tigrian’s security living in Adama and surrounding. Hailu Dereje,Mayor of Adama City ,said the agreement will help the cities to work and prosper together.

The Mayor also added the agreement will play a significant role in stepping up the solidarity of the Oromo and Tigrai people .He noted that his city administration will help Mekelle in rebuilding the infrastructures damaged as a result of the war.

Delegation of the Adama city administration is expected to visit Tigrai’s capital Mekelle soon.