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The People of Tigrai being ‘forced into war’ says Member of Tigrai’s Central Command, Getachew Reda


In a briefing on Thursday, member of Tigrai’s Central Command Getachew Reda said attacks by Ethiopian National Defense Forces on Dedebit, in Northwestern Tigrai, earlier this week, are meant to provoke the people of Tigrai into war. Getachew said the attack by Ethiopian forces constituted a breach of the humanitarian truce unilaterally declared by both sides in late March.

The humanitarian truce came months after the withdrawal of Tigrian forces from neighboring regions in early December that led to an effective end to active combat between the two forces. The withdrawal of Tigrai’s forces was also accompanied by an expression of the government’s commitment for political dialogue towards peace.

Regarding access to much needed humanitarian assistance, Getachew said humanitarian operation in Tigrai have come to a near standstill as the number of trucks entering the region have shown a sharp decline in the past few weeks.