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Tigrayan Human Rights Group Condemns Ethiopian Government’s Denial of Famine in Tigray



In a statement on Sunday, Peace and Justice for Tigreans International (PJTI) strongly condemned the Ethiopian government’s denial of the escalating famine crisis in #Tigray. The organization expresses grave concern as reports indicate widespread starvation and malnutrition, putting millions of lives at stake.

On Saturday, Legesse Tulu, Ethiopia Government Communication Service Minister, denied there is famine in the region.

This comes after Tigray IRA President issued a statement calling for prompt intervention from Ethiopia’s government and the international community revealing over 90% of the population in his administration is in need of humanitarian aid.

The Government Communication Service Minister, however, slammed the statement accusing the regional administration of politicizing the humanitarian crisis.

In a response, on Sunday, Tigray IRA President Getachew Reda condemned the Ministry office

“The fact of the matter is there is nothing political about calling for urgent intervention to save millions of Tigrayans. Aid agencies on the ground as well as international media outlets have extensively documented the extent of the unfolding humanitarian crisis.” Getachew wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

“We, therefore, call upon @PMAbiy to once again instruct his Government to fulfil its obligations to its own citizens & help avert a looming catastrophe. We also call upon the international community to fulfill its moral obligations by providing sufficient aid without delay.”  The President strongly urged.

Mark Lowcock, former UN OCHA’s Chief told the Globe Mail that the situation in Yechila, Central Zone of Tigray, reinforces his concern about the crisis.

“Experienced and knowledgeable experts tell me the data they are seeing – and their own recent experience travelling in parts of rural Tigray – might point to a catastrophe unfolding in 2024 comparable to the infamous tragedy of 1984-85,” he told The Globe.

“It is essential that policy makers respond to this with much greater speed and urgency, and with much more practical help for those suffering, than we are seeing at the moment.” He stressed.

PJTI calls for immediate acknowledgment of the crisis and unrestricted access for humanitarian organizations to provide assistance to those in dire need. “Acknowledge the severity of the famine in Tigray and take immediate action to address the crisis.”

“Facilitate unrestricted access for humanitarian organizations, allowing them to deliver aid to those in need without hindrance or delay.” Statement added.

The Civil Society Organization urged the international community and donors to take swift action to prevent further loss of life and alleviate the suffering of Tigrayans.

PJTI emphasizes the need for global solidarity, echoing the call by the Tigray Interim Regional Administration for collaboration to address the humanitarian crisis.