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Tigray lowers flag at half-mast, held a moment of silence, lay wreaths in a first day of three-day national mourning period


Mekelle/Hawelti Semaetat, Oct 14th – In a solemn event marking the remembrance of the martyrs who lost their lives during the war on Tigrai, the community has come together to pay heartfelt tribute.

At 6:00 am this morning, the city stood still as flags were hung at half-mast, their lowered position acting as a symbol of mourning and respect for the fallen. This simple yet powerful gesture serves as a visual testimony to the profound gratitude and solemnity of this occasion.

Following this, at 7:00 am, a moment of silence washed over the gathering, unifying the attendees in a shared moment of remembrance. They stood together, reflecting on the sacrifices made by these martyrs and offering their prayers and thoughts to the families and loved ones who bear the burden of their absence.

The ceremony proceeded with a poignant flower-laying service, presided over by the President of the Tigray Interim Administration, accompanied by representatives of opposition parties such as BAYTONA and TIP, as well as various organizations.

Moving words flowed from the lips of Getachew Reda, the President of the interim administration, as he delivered a solemn speech. With utmost respect and gratitude, he stated “the bravery and unwavering commitment of the fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice.”

“Their sacrifice serves as reminder of their valor and the debt of gratitude that we owe them.” He added.

The ceremony also included heartfelt recitations of touching poems and the rendition of solemn songs of remembrance, filling the air with emotions that resonated deeply within the hearts of all present.

As the day progresses, the community continues to come together, offering each other solace and support during this period of raw emotions and introspection.