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Tigray Orthodox Church ordained Episcopates


Tigray Orthodox Tewahdo Church the See of Selama Kesate Birhan ordained 6 episcopates in Axum, St. Mary of Zion Church.

Archbishops of the church anointed 6 episcopates from the 10 episcopate-elects who had been elected on Sunday to serve dioceses of the Tigray Orthodox Church in both Tigray and abroad.

Reverend Berhe Tesfameskel, member of the executive of the See, said on Saturday that the ordination of the new episcopates will help faithfuls of the church to worship in their mother tongue.

According to him, Abune Natnael is ordained to serve diocese of Western Tigray. Abune Libanos for Southern Tigray, Abune Enbakom for Southeastern Tigray, Abune Yohannes for Fremnatos Theology College as well as Abune Aregawi to serve as General Secretary for the Office of Archbishops of the Tigray Orthodox Tewahdo Church.

The archbishops have also ordained Abune Atnatiwos to lead diocese of the church in Virginia, United States.

The See of Selama goes on with the ordination ceremony despite opposition from Ethiopia Orthodox Tewahdo Church Synod.

The Synod issued a statement last week denouncing the election last week calling upon the Federal government and the Tigrai Interim Administration to stop the ordination that it said will endanger the unity of the church.

Asked about oppositions from the Ethiopian church and the legality of the See, General Secretary of the See of Selama Reverend Tesfay Hadera said the Tigray Orthodox Church is “in its own business” serving its faithfuls.

“We are legal. Who are they [the Synod] to question our legality? Are they themselves legal?” He asked on Sunday last week.

Ethiopia Orthodox Church however warned it will follow appropriate legal procedures to uphold the interest of the Ethiopia Orthodox Tewahdo Church.

The anointment ceremony that has started Saturday afternoon with prayers is expected to end this noon.

@Abeltsgab reports from Axum