Home news TPLF CC quests for proportionate budget “equivalent to the damage sustained’’

TPLF CC quests for proportionate budget “equivalent to the damage sustained’’


(Sep 26, 2023, Mekelle (Tigrai-Television) TPLF demands for proportionate budget allotment for the recovery and reconstruction of Tigray “equivalent to the damage sustained’’.

In a press statement late yesterday the party’s CC said the Pretoria peace deal has come up with opportunities in reopening basic services.

The party’s CC stated the people of Tigrai are still scattered everywhere due to failure in proper

Implementation of the Pretoria peace accord and their suffering continues to aggravate.

The party’s CC noted people in occupied areas keep enduring the worst suffering such as kidnapping, murder, rape and looting of cattle and other belongings on a daily basis.

The CC’s statement also declared inhumane acts of identity conversion are still observed in areas under occupation of Eritrean and Amhara forces.

The CC also pleaded for an immediate release of Tigrains who are still languishing in prisons due to their ethnic profile.

TPLF CC also demands for sooner reinstatement of party’s legal personality. As to the statement, the party sees political discussion as a solution for its reinstatement and registration in the NEBE stating that the board’s rejection contradicts the parliament’s decision [delisting TPLF from terrorist designation] and Pretoria agreement.

The party also stated its readiness to work with the federal government for the full implementation of the Pretoria agreement, deepening the peace.

The CC asked the federal government to live up to the promise it once signed and return IDPs according to the constitution to increase the level of confidence between the signatories.

The party also asked for the extension of the mandate of ICHREE, humanitarian aid and a lasting solution to end the agony in Tigrai .

By Solomon Berhe Reda