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UNFPA pledged to work on youth, women as it discusses with Tigray IRA Cabinet Members


Mekelle, Sep 25, 2023 (Tigrai Television) Tigrai Interim Administration Cabinet members met UNFPA delegation that includes Humanitarian Division Director Shoko Arakaki, Division of Management Service Directo Andrew Seberaton as well as UNFPA Ethiopia Country representative Koffi Kouame and other UNFPA staff members.

During the discussion, UNFPA Country Representative Koffi Kouame said his agency will work in addressing critical problems of women and youth in the aftermath of the devastating war in the region.

He said UNFPA will strive in improving family planning activities, eradicating Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the region.

The delegates also revealed their readiness to help the people stating the challenges and suffering the people of Tigrai have been through are not to be forgotten.

During the discussion Deputy President of the Tigrai IRA Tsadkan Gebretnsae(Gen.) stated addressing humanitarian issues are of top priorities to his administration.

The deputy revealed his frustration in implementation of the Pretoria peace accord that puts unhindered humanitarian assistance to the people in desperate need as one of the pillars.

He said things have, due to natural disasters and the suspension of aid to date, come difficult even after the peace deal was signed.

‘’The Pretoria peace deal stipulates immediate and unhindered humanitarian assistance to reach to the people in desperate need. But, this has not happened. This is not happening ‘’ said the General.

Tsadkan added his administration has ‘’rectified misallocation of resources’’. But, stressed the deputy, the people of Tigrai are still suffering from varieties of natural and manmade bottlenecks.

The IRA deputy also stated the occupation of Western and Southern areas of the region, which in accordance to the Pretoria peace deal should have been restored to Tigrai, has put many people into dependence.

He noted those areas were parts of the region where surplus food was produced that in turn helped the populations in the zonal administrations and other parts of Tigrai stand on their feet.

The General also added his interim administration will capitalize on the great deal of the industriousness of the people to come out of the ‘’predicament’’ the people keep facing.

The delegates on their part advised for the fabrics of the society to be used as healing mechanisms. They said their respective agencies will also strive to bring sustainable food supplies through localization of assistance and solve the problems faced because of the huge destruction during the active fight.

During its stay in Tigrai, the delegation team led by the Country Representative Koffi Kouame, UNFPA Humanitarian Response Division Director Shoko Arakaki, Division of Management Service Director Andrew Saberton and Humanitarian Coordinator Ethiopia UNFPA James Waynama is expected to meet Head of Regional Health Bureau Amanuel Haile(Dr), visit 70 Kare IDP’s camp in the regional capital Mekelle, Adigrat and other areas affected by the war and subsequent problems .