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UN Secretary General Visit to Tigrai Postponed Indefinitely


Mekelle, Tigrai, Feb. 18, 2023 (Tigrai Television) – UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’s visit to Tigrai which was supposed to be on the coming Monday, has been suspended indefinitely for unknown reasons.

According to our diplomatic sources, the Secretary-General was to travel to Tigrai’s capital Mekelle on Monday, February 20, 2023, to examine the amount of destruction inflicted by the war on Tigrai.

In his second visit to Ethiopia since the signing of the peace deal, the Secretary-General is now in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Abeba attending the African Union summit.

In her visit to Mekelle on the 7th of February, UN Ethiopia Chief Catherine Sozi said she is coming back to Mekelle in “two weeks of time with the UN Secretary-General himself”’.

In November of last year, the Secretary-General hailed the peace deal signed in Pretoria as a ‘bold step’ and urged all Ethiopians and the international community to support the bold step taken by “the Federal Government of Ethiopia and the Tigrayan leadership.”

by Abel Tsgabu