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Women in Maychew held Demonstration


Women displaced from different parts of Tigrai and residents of Maychew town, Southern Tigrai, rallied calling for due attention.

The demonstrators plead for the women and children of Tigrai not to be punished for what they called the ” mistake of others” as the banner during the demonstration reads.

The women also heralded for timely justice and accountability and for the Pretoria agreement to be implemented fully.Rehmet Ayana and Mehret Redie, among those gathered to echo their frustration, said displaced women are in misery while begging for the interim regional administration of Tigrai and the federal government to put a concerted effort to address their issues according to the peace pact.

Representative of the Women’s Association of Southern Tigray Tsega Gebremariam also stated the situation of the displaced women is deteriorating even after the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (CoHA).

She added, during the active fight, 7000 households were displaced comprising fifty percent of women.

By Nahom Girmay