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“90 % of the People of Tigrai are living off Humanitarian Aid” President Getachew


Aug 30, (Tigrai_Television ,Mekelle ) President of the Interim Administration of Tigrai Getachew Reda, in the presence of his cabinet members, held a discussion with UN representatives on the need to resume aid and Education.

In his discussion with representatives this morning, Getachew said “90 % of the people of Tigrai are living off humanitarian aid”.

ASG UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Ramiz Alakbarov (Dr) on his part noted his organization will work closely with the Tigrai IRA.

President Getachew pleaded the UN agencies to take their role in reconstructing the war-ravaged Tigrai stating that millions of people in the region still need urgent humanitarian assistance.

Getachew said the return of “Million plus” IDPs is “long overdue “.

He noted his administration demands a support from across the globe.

Speaking of the peace process; he called for the “deepening of the peace “.

The president stated schools have been resumed to create semblance of normalcy while highlighting that much is left to reconstruct and take the Education System to its normal status.

He said schools in Tigrai have sustained huge damage due to the destruction by artilleries and vandalization during the active fight. In his discussion with the representatives, Getachew noted the misery of Tigrains in occupied areas, health crisis due to total collapse continue to put the people into endless suffering.

He further stated the recent outbreak of locust infestation has also posed another threat for the war-ravaged Tigrai and called on for ‘’concerted effort’’ to take the people out of the persistent agony.

Moreover, President Getachew also asked for swift collaboration in getting rid of the unexploded ordinances all over Tigrai. ASG UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Ramiz Alakbarov (Dr) on his part said restarting of the distribution of humanitarian aid is a ‘’priority’’.

The representative called for joint effort with the federal and regional administration to reach the people in desperate need. He also underscored the necessity for human development.”Helping the people produce by their own and farm their land for sustainable change will be important,”he noted.

He also said his agency will work to speed up the return of IDPs and bring Education in Tigrai back to Normalcy. The representatives of the UN and other international aid Agencies are expected to visit IDP’s Camp in Mekelle this afternoon.

@SolomonBerheR reports