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Bishop of Adigrat Eparchy says suspension of aid ‘’cannot be the price to pay to fix the system’’.


June 24, 2023 Mekelle (Tigrai Television) Bishop of Adigrat Eparchy, Eastern Tigrai, Abune Tesfaselassie Medhin calls #USAID and #WFP to avert their decision on aid suspension to #Tigrai.

Bishop of Adigrat Eparchy Abune Tesfaslasie Medhin says the decision to deny the provision of food supply to the ones who need it badly is ‘’unacceptable and inhumane’’ declaring those who couldn’t control their greed responsible.

Abune Tesfaslassie Medhin calls the agencies ‘’to consider shared humanity’’ and begs ‘’not to pronounce a death sentence upon those trying to survive in the wake of a terrible conflict”.

The Bishop also calls for a robust investigation of the amount of diversion.

The religious leader pleas for an urgent food distribution system allowing for increased transparency and stronger oversight.

‘’Another solution for the scandal other than stopping delivery to the needy is needed’’, stated the Bishop.

The bishop added hundreds are dying of starvation as food aid has been stopped for months stating that ‘’this cannot be the price to pay to fix the system ‘’.

The religious father pleads the organizations to keep the wrongdoers from their evil acts instead of blaming the poor and condemning them to a death sentence.

The Bishop also highlighted that suspension of humanitarian aid to the needy population has a ‘’fatal impact’’ not only to the region but the whole country recalling that millions of people in Tigrai were left starved for long as a result of lootings and destroying of food stocks and prevention of aid delivery by the fighting forces during the active war.