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#Ethiopian Ministry of Industry’s Visit to Mekelle


Delegation of the Ministry of Industry led by State Minister Tarekegn Blulta arrived in Mekelle this morning.

Tigrai IRA President Getachew Reda received the delegation at Mekelle Alula Abanega International Airport.

The delegation of the ministry is now visiting industries in Mekelle that were destroyed and looted during the war in Tigrai.

The delegation is also expected to pay a visit to different parts of Tigrai to assess the amount of damage inflicted.

The Ministry of Industry had sent a team of experts on January 17 of 2023 who visited Mekelle Industrial Park, Samayata Marble Factory, and Sheba Leather Factory to take notice of the destruction in Tigrai and to examine alternative ways how to resume operations.

It’s to be recalled that the team of experts had refrained from traveling to Eastern and Central Tigrai amid fears of Eritrean Forces.

By Abel Tsgabu