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IRA says issues related to the presence of external forces, return of IDPs and territorial integrity remain unresolve.


November 3, 2023, Mekelle (Tigrai Television) Interim Regional Administration in Tigrai urged the federal government to fulfill its responsibility to ensure the full implementation of the Pretoria agreement.

On the statement released on the occasion of one year anniversary of the Pretoria Agreement, the IRA reminds how the peace agreement has prevented the people of Tigrai as a nation and its’ culture, language and history as what the IRA calls it “from a complete extermination of human consciousness.”

The statement noted that the peace agreement has opened the door for the people of Tigrai to achieve all aspirations and the causes that led to war in the most peaceful manner possible.

The IRA stresses on the commitment of the people of Tigrai not only to accept the Pretoria Agreement but also to not tolerate any movement against this agreement.

The IRA however states that there are still unresolved issues in accordance with the agreement in relation to the people under the invasion of external forces who need to be freed, the return of internally displaced people to their homes and the assurance of the constitutional sovereignty of Tigrai.

The statement emphasized on the ongoing suffering of the people of Tigrai as a result of failing to implement the Pretoria Agreement. “Our people are still living in misery” the IRA underscores.

The IRA on the statement guarantees the people of Tigrai and the IRA will continue peaceful struggle to maintain the progress achieved through the Pretoria Agreement.

On the statement, the IRA reiterates the moral and legal obligation the federal government and the international community have in striving for undertaking their responsibilities to ensure that this agreement is fully implemented to end the suffering of the people of Tigrai.

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