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Medicines Started Coming Demands Remain Huge


Mekelle, Dec. 12, 2022 (Tigrai Television)- What we are grateful about is that out of nothing, we are now trying to do something for our patients, otherwise the need is really huge, says Doctor Amanuel Haile Head of Tigrai Health Bureau

Briefing the media today, Doctor Amanuel says medicines have started coming into Tigrai since the 15 of November 2022. “In the last one month, there has been changes, really encouraging changes, I would say,” he says.

“And we would like to thank all UN agencies, international organizations and EPSA for what they have already started doing. Some of them are doing quite a lot. We hope all this we will continue to increase. So far only 4 international organizations including, the UN agencies, were able to bring aid supplies to Tigrai”

The Head also added that Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agencies has sent supplies into Tigrai, which includes supplies needed to treat HIV, Tuberculosis and malaria. “We now have medicines to treat malaria which will enable us to treat around 34,000 patients and supplies which enable us to test 30,000 people for malaria. Compare to the outbreak that’s ongoing in Tigrai right now which is really out of our control, we need a lot of help”

Last week World Health Organization said it didn’t have unfettered humanitarian access into the war-torn Tigrai.

Abel Tsgabu