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Tigrai Defense Forces not Interested in Territory


Mekelle, Aug. 29 (Tigrai Television) -Member of Tigrai Central Command Getachew Reda said Tigrayan Forces are not interested in capturing territories

In a press conference today, Getachew said Tigrayan forces have no interest of capturing territory while stating that the forces will continue to engage if there are looming dangers posed on the survival of the people of Tigrai.

Speaking about the large scale offensive launched by Ethiopian government, Getachew said the purpose of the offensive was to capture the capital of Tigrai Mekelle in short period of time.

Asked about the allegations by WFP’s chief David Beasley that the government of Tigrai has stolen fuel tankers belonging to World Food Programme, Getachew said he is disappointed by the Executive Director’s media outrage and said “ It is unbecoming” for humanitarian organization to side in such sensitive political agendas.