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#Tigray IRA says it will work with #Ethiopia government to tackle spoilers of peace process


Tigray Interim Administration issued a statement Sunday evening to state that it will continue to work together with the Federal government to tackle ‘spoilers’ of the ongoing peace process.

The statement said Amhara irredentists and their cronies have been doing everything to hinder the full implementation of the Pretoria Cessation of Hostilities Agreement.

The statement also said the people of Tigrai will as always stand in full support of peaceful resolutions to any differences. “However we will continue to work together with the federal government to tackle those extremist forces and their allies who stands in the way of peace” the statement read.

The Interim Administration said it has been helping peaceful efforts by the Ethiopian government to address questions it said are “irrational” from Amhara irredentists.

“The extremist forces, however, started to openly oppose the Pretoria peace agreement after they engage themselves in a war with the Ethiopia government forces”

The statement also slammed claims by Amhara extremists that TPLF is directly participating in the war between ENDF and Fano Vigilante Group as a continuation to “their incessant accusations” and hatred to the people of Tigrai.