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UK is ‘’Keen ‘’ to support the peace process,says UK Ambassador to Ethiopia


Incoming  British Ambassador to Ethiopia Darren Welch  visited  Adi-Haki Secondary School that is repurposed for Sheltering people displaced from across the region.

Stating his delight on his first ever visit  to Tigrai since coming to Ethiopia , Ambassador Darren Welch  said the UK government  is keen to support all of  the movements towards the peace across Ethiopia. He further  noted his government is ready to help what it can to the people of Tigrai. 

The Ambassador stated his impression on the resilience and the spirit of the community ” for helping one another in this very difficult time”.

 He also expressed  his optimism about the  prospects of the  future of Tigrai reiterating that the UK government is ready to help in the reconstruction and development of the country.

The ambassador also noted his government is discussing with both governments on bringing normalization across Tigrai.

 “I am really struck by the resilience of the people I have met here “,the ambassador said witnessing the IDPs are living in a very difficult circumstances.

“We want to enable them to return to build on their lives.And that is what I am gonna be doing by my time” he said.

It has been four months since the Ambassador  started his work in Ethiopia.