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Tigrayan forces Hand Over Crew-Served Weapons


Mekelle, May 26, 2023 (Tigrai Television)- Tigrai Defense Forces handed over their crew-served weapons earlier today in Mekelle.

Representatives of the AU Monitoring Team attended the event where Tigrain fighters surrendered their medium weaponries including anti-tanks and mortars.

Colonel Sofe Sekole of the AU monitoring team says the disarmament process is going smoothly & without any hindrance.

Brigadier Gen. Derebe Mokria, representative of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces on his part appreciated the Tigrian forces for their daring commitment to the disarmament process, which he said is a “milestone” in the peace process.

Last week, the Head for AU Monitoring, Verification and Compliance Mission (MVCM) Major Gen. Steven Radina stated that the disarmament of Tigrian fighters was “completed 85-90%”. He has also highlighted that the disarmament of medium and light weapons would start as of this week.

Disarming of Tigrain forces along with withdrawing foreign forces and other non-ENDF forces from Tigrai is one of the terms stipulated in Article 6 of the Peace Agreement signed in Pretoria on Nov. 2, 2022, between the Ethiopian Federal Government and the Tigrayan leaders.

Whether foreign Eritrean forces or regional Amhara forces who fought onside of Ethiopia in the war on Tigrai are to withdraw from Tigrian territory remains to be seen.

By: Abel Tsgabu