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Union of Tigrayans in Europe (UTE) Accuses AU, US, EU of Failing Tigrayans on First Anniversary of Pretoria Agreement


In a strongly-worded statement issued on Tuesday, the Union of Tigrayans in Europe (UTE) criticized the African Union (AU), the United States, and the European Union (EU) for what it described as a failure to support the people of Tigray. This statement coincided with the first anniversary of the Pretoria peace agreement.

UTE highlighted several key issues, including the inadequate provision of humanitarian aid, the presence of Eritrean and Amhara forces in the region, and the absence of credible justice and accountability mechanisms. The Union condemned the international community for praising the implementation of the agreement, stating, “Portraying the implementation of the CoHA as a success, as observed in the recently released statements of the US, Canada, EU, and the international media, does not align with the facts on the ground.”

UTE called upon the international community to establish rigorous monitoring mechanisms to ensure the full implementation of the peace agreement. The statement also urged the international community to refrain from making misleading press statements that do not accurately represent the suffering experienced by the people in Tigray.”