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The Cabinet of the IRA in Tigrai states people are dying due to hunger in Eastern, South Eastern and Southern #Tigrai: demands for the delivery of quick humanitarian aid


November 27, 2023 Mekelle (Tigrai Television) In a statement issued on November 26, 2023 the IRA stated that people in different parts of the region are dying out of hunger.
Tigrai Communication Affairs Office issued a statement regarding the agendas discussed by the Cabinet of the IRA in Tigrai. One of the subjects from the discussion by the Cabinet points out that people in Eastern, South Eastern and Southern #Tigrai are dying as a result of hunger caused by drought.
The cabinet criticized the international aid organizations for exposing the people of Tigrai to such disaster due to their failure to provide humanitarian aid when needed.
The discussion has also called up on the international community and the Ethiopian government to have moral and legal responsibility to save the people of Tigrai from dying out of hunger.
The Cabinet urged local and international aid organizations and the diaspora community to contribute their share in alleviating the disaster the people of Tigrai are facing.

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