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UTNA’s Concern


UTNA states close to eighty thousand Tigrian refugees in Sudan are under ‘’Eminent Danger ‘’

Union of Tigrians in North America (UTNA) states its concern over the outbreak of the war in Sudan.UTNA adds its grave concern for the eighty thousand Tigrian refugees in Sudan underlining that they are under what it called ‘’Eminent Danger ‘’.

The Union calls on the international community to pressure the warring parties to halt the war and resolve their political difference through negotiation.

UTNA’s release also pleads to the Ethiopian Government, the Tigrai interim regional administration, the UN, the US, the European Union, and the AU to play their roles in assuring the security of Tigrian refugees by repatriating them to their homes.

It also calls for external forces to leave Tigrai in order to ensure the safety of the repatriated refugees.

UTNA also extends its wish for peace and security to prevail in the land of what it called ‘’generous Sudanese people ‘’ stating that they provided safe stay for the displaced Tigrians.

UTNA appreciates the US, UN, EU, and AU for ‘’mitigating the genocidal war in Tigrai ‘’by bringing the stakeholders to the table.