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327 IDPs dead due to lack of food after the signing of the peace deal, Representatives


Mekelle, Jun 13, 2023 (Tigrai Television)- 327 IDPs, including 32 children, died from lack of food and medication after the signing of the peace deal, coordinators of the IDP Camps told Tigrai Television this afternoon.

The IDPs, who have been displaced from Western Tigrai, have not received any kind of assistance for the last 6 months. The tents where the IDPs shelter are also being ripped by storms and rains, they say.

According to Biruh Zeferu, Representative of Western Tigrai Zonal Administration, 271 of the dead are from an IDP camps in Shire, a town in Northwestern Tigrai with the highest number of IDPs. Mekelle, Axum, Abyi adi, Seleklelka scores 12,19, 14, 11 of fatalities respectively.

Biruh Zeferu also stated the need to withdraw Eritrean forces and Amhrara forces from Western Tigrai and return the IDPs back to their homes where they can live on their own.

It has been a month since aid has been suspended in Tigrai amid suspensions of diversion. Last week USAID announced it has terminated delivering food assistance to Ethiopia after ‘Extensive Monitoring’ process revealed the diversion of donor-funded food assistance in 7 regions in Ethiopia. While many argue for the reconsideration of the decision in light of the suffering of IDPs and the rest of the population in the war-torn Tigrai.

By Abel Tsgabu