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Eritrean government implicated in aid diversion in Tigrai, says Task Force established by Tigrai IRA


Mekelle, Jun 14, 2023 (Tigrai Television)- Task force established by the Tigrai Interim Administration to investigate aid diversion says Eritrean forces were involved in food assistance diversion & theft in Tigrai.

Head to the Task Force, Fiseha Kidanu (Gen.) said that 5 entities, the Eritrean government, the Ethiopian federal government, Tigrai Regional authorities, Coordinators of IDP camps as well as aid workers have participated in the act.

According to his interview with Tigrai Television earlier today, Eritrean forces have diverted close to 3000 metric tons of wheat that was meant for the needy.

The Head explains that structures of the federal government and the Tigray Regional government have also took part.

On May 03, Ethiopia’s major aid provider USAID announced it has suspended aid to Tigrai following suspicions of theft. On the same day, Tigrai Interim Administration established a task force vowing to hold perpetrators accountable.

“We have launched a high-level investigation to ensure that all culprits are held to account whatever their background or status. I’d like to call on humanitarian agencies to continue their multi-sectoral relief aid to save lives of the most vulnerable in Tigray.” Tigrai IRA President Getachew Reda wrote on twitter.

General Fiseha Kidnau has also stated that 7 of the 186 suspected are now under custody.

By Abel Tsgabu