Home news Isaias Afeworki Is Deploying More Units Into Tigrai, GoT

Isaias Afeworki Is Deploying More Units Into Tigrai, GoT


Mekelle, Nov. 19, 2022 (Tigrai Television) – In a statement earlier today, the government of Tigrai says Eritrean forces continue to commit heinous crimes despite the signing of a peace deal on November 2, 2002.The statement says after the peace talk Eritrean forces aggravated crimes; they have been committing with an intention to spoil the agreement. “Disgruntled by the peace talk, Isaias Afeworki is deploying more units into Tigrai” statement read.

The government of Tigrai called upon the Ethiopian government and the international community to make sure the withdrawal of Eritrean forces for the atrocities on the people of Tigrai to stop. “The government of Tigrai calls on the international community especially the African Union, the United Nations, the U.S. and EU to take serious measures on the dictatorial regime of Isaias Afeworki” statement underscored.

It is to be recalled that the Peace agreement in Pretoria and the implementation plan signed in Nairobi noted that foreign forces must leave Ethiopian territory.