Home news Women rally to demand return of IDPs, Resumption of aid, Justice

Women rally to demand return of IDPs, Resumption of aid, Justice


Women in Tigrai rally on Sunday to demand the return of IDPs to their homes, the resumption of aid and justice for sexual violence survivors.

Demonstrations are being held in different towns in Tigrai including the capital Mekelle.

According to our reporter Solomon Berhe, a demonstration is taking place in Adigudem, southeastern Tigray, that calls for an urgent resumption of suspended humanitarian aid as well as justice and accountability to be served on time.

Women protesters in Adigudem say they stand in full support of the Pretoria agreement stating their readiness for its fullest implementation while condemning what they called spoilers to the pact.

“We strongly oppose whoever obstructs the implementation of the Pretoria agreement” one of the banners in the demonstration in Adigudem reads.

Demonstrations are also being carried out in Shire, Northwestern Tigrai, Mokoni Southern Tigrai.

Protesters call for an immediate stop to sexual violence against Tigraian women in areas under the occupation of Eritrean and Amhara forces.

As to Abeba Haileslassie, head of Tigrai Women Association, women are fleeing from Zalambessa Eastern Tigrai and Southern parts of Tigrai in fear of sexual violence by Eritrean and Amhara forces.

They have also expressed their frustration on the lack of medication that is causing the death of countless mothers.

Axum, in Central Tigrai, and Adigrat in Eastern Tigrai will witness another outrageous rally on Monday.

Demonstration took place in Maichew, Southern Tigrai, on Friday.

By Abel Tsgabu & Solomon Berhe